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Stones: Amber

Ok, so I'm cheating. Amber isn't really a stone at all. Instead, Amber is the ancient resin of pine trees. Amber is excreted from a tree in reaction to attack from bugs, molds, or other harms. The Amber comes out of the tree and reinforces its skin, often repairing any damage that might have been done.

Amber has been found all over the world, but the most common type is from countries surrounding the Baltic Sea where there used to be huge ancient pine forests. The largest deposits of Baltic Amber were formed approximately 30 million years ago.

As Amber is created to protect the tree, Amber has received a reputation as being a protective substance in magick. Amber can be worn in jewelry, can be used as tumbled stones, or can be burned like incense, in which case it releases a fragrant pine scent.

The color of Amber depends on the type of tree from which the sap was secreted. The most sought after Amber is a deep red and comes from Burma. It is very valuable, and too expensive for Enchanted Works to carry :-)

The name Amber itself refers only to fossilized resins that contain succinic acid in its chemical makeup. Baltic Amber has the highest percentage of succinic acid; between 3 and 8 percent. Fossilized resin without succinic acid is classified asa retinite.

Amber is from 1 to 3 on the hardness scale with Burmese Amber, or Amber from Myanmar being the hardest. Baltic Amber is usually between 2 and 2.5, and Dominican Amber is usually the softest. The hardness is often dependent on the age of the Amber, with softer being younger.

Amber is often used in placing and breaking spells, and is said to aid with healing, protection from negativity, and increasing self esteem.


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