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Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove Bud is a very potent antiseptic essential oil. In fact, it was once thought that breathing clove would ward off plague in Europe. This remarkable oil, derived from Eugenia caryophyllata, is used today in modern dental remedies, especially for pain relief. Clove bud essential oil is indeed one of the best non narcotic means of pain relief for tooth pain. Kestra keeps it in the medicine chest for "just in case." Clove bud essential oil contains eugenol, which is a very effective local anesthetic, as anyone who has used clove oil on a toothache can tell you.

Clove bud essential oil is said to have an aiding effect on the immune system and helps build resistance. If you put clove bud essential oil into a diffuser, and inhale it, it is said to relieve drowsiness, headaches, and help with irritability.

Clove bud essential oil can also be used for different skin conditions, since it contains salicylic acid. However, be sure to dilute it first, approximately 1/2 dilution or less, and use the clove BUD rather than the clove LEAF, since it is less likely to cause skin irritation. The leaf contains a higher percentage of eugenol.

No clove essential oils should be used during pregnancy, or with children under 5 years old. The purported properties of clove bud essential oil are: Anthelmintic, antibiotic, antisphrodisiac, emetic, antihistaminic, antirheumatic, antineuralgic, antioxidant, antiseptic, counterirritant, expectorant, stimulant, spasmolytic, stomachic, vermifuge. As with all things, your mileage may vary.

See a medical professional if you have a medical problem. See a dentist if you have a toothache. Clove oil is meant only as a stop gap until you can see the dentist. It could be something really nasty. Trust Kestra on this.


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