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Gemstone Magick-Cleansing and Consecrating your Talismans - By Tara Shinn

More lovely gemstone information from our gemstone Witch, Tara Shinn. We thank her for her permission to share these articles with you. Please remember, all articles displayed on Enchanted Works are copyrighted by their authors and may not be re-used without their permission. Thanks for understanding. Do not taunt happy fun intellectual property attorney Witch.

Imagine you have just gotten a new moonstone pendant at your local new age/pagan shop. You spent a long time selecting through different pendants and holding each one your hand to feel their energies. The pendant that is "calling to you" is set in silver and the stone just glows! As you move it back and forth in your hand, you can see a rainbow flash glide across its surface. You know you have to have it! The decision is made! This is the one. You take your new stone talisman home and you are so excited to wear it. Even though you can't wait to put in on, you know that you need to consecrate it before putting it on. You want to welcome and bless your new pendant to truly make it yours. But, where to start? What method is best? Do you smudge it? Clean it with salt water? Bless it in the full moon light or is it best to bury it in the ground for a while?

But you may be thinking, why not wear it already? That little witchy/new age shop is a great place. Nothing could "taint" it there, right? Well, yes and no. The shop may be lovely and feels positive, but the stone itself comes into many hands before you get it. The stone is cut by a lapidary artist, set by a jeweler, packaged and shipped by some company, unpackaged at the store, set into the display case, and picked up by other people who previously may have wanted it. Any one of those people could of had a bad day, experienced major trauma, or been full of negativity themselves or by proxy. Cleansing and consecrating your talisman ensures that your energies are the only ones on it and prepares it for your use and your use alone. In addition, the beauty of ritual makes it truly special. Blessing your gemstone pendant with Goddess energies transforms a piece of pretty jewelry into a talisman that will come to comfort and protect you.

There are many ways to bless and consecrate your new talisman. You can cleanse it with salt water, smudge it, bury in in your herb garden for a few hours, place it in the full moon light or the light of the sun. You can do a simple cleansing with any of these methods together or by themselves. You can do a simple blessing or even a full " talisman blessing/consecration" ritual like this one:

Take the pendant, ring, necklace, or earrings and place it into a bowl of tepid water and a little table or rock salt. If you have ocean water, that is great too. Swirl the stone three times counterclock wise and say, "Energies foreign to me, no longer dwell in this pendant, and leave it be. What was once unknown, I make mine. Here, now, this place and time." Dump the salt water into the ground outside.

Take the stone out and rinse it with fresh, tepid water. Place on a smudged altar plate or smudged dish (clean of course) and set in the sun for a few hours. If you are cleansing a moonstone, set the stone out in the full moon light. *If you cannot wait until the full moon, place the stone in full moon water if you have some. Allow the stone to rest in the water for about 30 minutes. Dump the water in the ground.

***Please note! If the stone is an opal, malachite, or turquoise, do NOT allow the stone to rest in water for any amount of extended time! These particular stones are very porous and could become water- logged and damaged! For any of these "soft" stones, quickly dip the stone in the salt water and rinse off right away. Gently blot dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Now, take the stone and place it on a quartz cluster to charge. If you do not have a quartz cluster, you can place the stone in a small dish of tumbled quartz or quartz points. Let the stone charge. As the stone is being charged, Set up your altar. Place the cluster in the middle. You will need frankincense, myrrh, and dragon's blood incense. You will also need a white candle and some frankincense oil. Lastly, you will need a bowl of water and a bowl of salt.

Anoint and charge the candle with the oil. Place candle in holder. Set candle holder behind quartz cluster/quartz bowl. Put the salt to the left of the quartz and set the water to the right of the quartz. Put incense behind the candle or off to the left back corner of your altar. Smudge and cleanse the altar and your altar space. Take up the talisman-to-be and smudge it. Place it back on the quartz. Light the incense. Cast a circle. Call and welcome the Elements and Invite and welcome the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Light the candle.

Pick up the talisman and turn to the East and say "I call to the Goddesses of Air, the Goddesses of the East. May you bless my talisman (or pendant, ring, earrings) by the power of the mind, by the power of Your Words. I ask this with love and heart." Now, take the talisman and wave it into the incense smoke and say, "I bless this pendant by the Power of Air." Draw an invoking pentagram over it with your athame or wand.

Turn to the South and say, "I call to the Goddesses of Fire, the Goddesses of the South. May you bless this talisman (pendant, etc.) by the power of Your authority, strength, and truth. I ask this with love and heart." Take the talisman and *quickly* pass it through the flame of the candle (be careful not to damage the stone or burn yourself!) and say "I bless this pendant by the power of Fire." Draw and invoking pentagram over it.

Turn to the West and say, "I call to the Goddesses of Water, the Goddesses of the West. May you bless this talisman (pendant, etc.) by the power of the nurturing energies of Your Womb. I ask this with love and heart." Take the stone and dip it quickly in the water and say, "I bless this pendant by the power of Water." Draw an invkoing pentagram over it.

Turn to the North and say, "I call to the Goddesses of Earth, the Goddesses of the North. May you bless this talisman (pendant, etc.) by the power of Your Earthly body. I ask this with love and heart." Take the stone and dip it quickly in the salt and say, "I bless this pendant by the power of Earth." Draw an invoking pentagram over it.

Hold the talisman in your hand and say, "Oh Great Maiden, I ask thee to bless this talisman by the power of creation, the power of new beginnings, the power of independence."

"Oh Great Mother, I ask thee to bless this talisman by the power of manifestation, the power of responsibility, the power of the energies of the Universe."

"Oh Wise Crone, I ask thee to bless this talisman by the power of insight, the power of wisdom, the power of magick."

Draw an invoking pentagram over the talisman and place it onto the quartz again and say, "This stone, gift from the Earth Mother, is now blessed with love and power. Energies of positive light now be infused and sealed in tight. So mote it be!"

Let the candle and incense burn down. When the wax and ashes are thrown out, give your newly consecrated talisman a quick wipe with a soft cloth. It is now ready to wear.

*At the end of each day, take off your talisman (if you do not want to wear it constantly) and either place it in a bowl of rock salt or on top of clear quartz points in a little jewelry box. The next morning, take the talisman and wipe with a jeweler's cloth. At the end of each moon cycle, change out the salt and replace it. Cleanse your quartz points each morning with salt water. Be sure to rinse them with fresh water and let air dry.

My next article will cover using gemstones in magick!

Blessed be!


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