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Gemstones and Their Magickal Uses-Talismans and Jewelry - By Tara Shinn

Tara Shinn is Kestra's coven Sister, and a serious gemstone witch. She is our resident expert, and we are proud that she has given permission to publish her articles.

As we are already aware, we witches use gemstones a lot. We use them in jewelry, medicine bags, altar set-ups, magick, tool consecration, scrying, pendulum divination, and in many more ways. Whatever the purpose, gemstones are important in our ritual and spellwork, and even in our daily lives. Before we head out the door in the morning, we usually put on a piece of gemstone jewelry we wish to wear that day. Maybe since the moon is going to be full we ourselves reaching for that moonstone pendant. If we feel we may need more insight, we may put on an amethyst ring to give our psychic minds a little boost. Perhaps today will be the day to wear those new carnelian earrings we recently bought for that job interview.

Stones are our allies, our friends that make us feel connected to Earth and also help to serve as pretty talismans that gently and quietly protects us while no one else is the wiser. Many of us have jobs that require a sense of "being discreet." We are surrounded by those who do not understand or have no idea as to who we are. More often than not, we work with people who "have the luxury" of wearing their religious symbols but we must remain quiet. Sometimes we want to wear our symbols but a lot of the time, we have no desire at all. We witches want to be accepted for who we are but there are times we do not want to endure the questions, the stares, the attempts to "save our souls." Ah, no thanks. Where there is a professional environment, discretion is key. Sad but true. I do hope there is a day we can wear a nice pentagram adorned with a rainbow moonstone to any workplace and no one will bat an eye. Maybe one day.

So, what is a witch to do? If we work in an environment where we can be "out in the open," then great! You are one of the lucky ones. If not, rest assured, there are ways to wear our path and feel that connection! Wear a gemstone! Whether it be a pendant, a ring, earrings, or a bracelet, you can wear your gemstone talisman in any place and I bet no one will know because a gem looks so benign. I have seen people of all faiths and paths wear stones. For instance, I was at a wine festival last summer and there was this huge display of gemstone jewelry. This jewelry display, in a form of a booth, was swarmed with women of all walks, all ages. I even saw a lady wearing a huge cross, trying on a moonstone ring. No matter the path, people are drawn to stones for their beauty. They are a great fashion accessory and look pretty. Jewelry as a whole is a big industry and many are totally ignorant of the world of gemstones and their Earth energies, their Earth magick.

But we witches are well aware of the nature and beauty of gemstone magick. We appreciate the aesthetic quality of gems, but we are also "in tune" with the magick they possess. We can wear our pendants as both talisman and accessory. How great is that?!

Here are some ideas for gemstone talisman/jewerly:

Wear a moonstone (be it a pendant, ring, or earrings) to connect with the feminine Energies, Goddess, particularly the Moon Goddesses like Selene, Ishtar, and Diana. Moonstone is also very calming and yet "gently protective" (Cunningham).

Wear an amethyst or a lapis to enhance your insight and intuition. Amethyst is also good for peace and tranquility. The deep purple color is just so beautiful. Who wouldn't feel calm looking at it?

Wear an onyx for protection and defense against negative energies.

Wear a tiger eye for protection and strength if you feel vulnerable. Gaze at its golden, bronze, and brown sheen. Imagine the strength of the tiger inside you.

Wear a carnelian for eloquence, strength, protection, and confidence. Do you have to give a speech or do you have a job interview? The carnelian is a great stone for giving you a feeling of "mind over matter." It reminds you, "You can do it!"

Wear a clear quartz for magickal power and to connect with the Earth energies. Clear quartz is a great Gaia stone or Earth stone. For example, "Quartz is the most common mineral on the face of the Earth. It is found in nearly every geological environment and is at least a component of almost every rock"(source:mineral.galleries.com/minerals/ silicate/quartz/quartz.htm) Therefore, Quartz is great forreminding us of our connection to the Earth Goddesses.

Wear a rose quartz for love and friendship. Are you and a special someone celebrating an anniversary? Wear a rose quartz! Very gentle energies of love are in this stone.

Wear a sodalite for wisdom when you are about to take a test! But also be sure to do your part and study!!

Wear a bloodstone when you need extra strength. Bloodstone is a form of green chalcedony that is flicked with red. It is good for when you need an extra boost of strength, especially during menstruation. Be sure to take it easy, eat protein, and get rest too.

Wear blue lace agate when you are feeling anxious, angry or upset. If you are going to need a sense of calm and peace, this stone's soft blue color and swirling light blues will help.

Wear a pink tourmaline for love or when you feel emotionally down. This is a very lovey stone that reminds you of the love inside. Try to to do something nice for yourself or someone you love. Do not forget to take care of yourself! Let love care for you. Feel it inside you.

Wear green tourmaline to calm and bring peace. Gaze into the green color. Imagine yourself walking in a green forest. Imagine yourself lying in the grass on a spring day as the sun shines down on you.

Wear a ruby for strength and protection.

Wear a garnet for protection and protection. Garnet is very good to give as a gift to a girl for her first menses. The red color reminds her that her blood is sacred and most importantly, she is strong and beautiful! The Maiden has arrived!

Wear amazonite, lapis, or aquamarine to connect with the Water Goddesses, the Ocean Mother Yemaya.

Wear jade or malachite for luck and prosperity.

Wear Rhodochrosite for "peace and love" (Cunningham). I think this stone is great for matters of the heart and to remind us of the love we have in our hearts, our being.

Wear smoky quartz to center and ground. Connect with Goddess inside you. Shut the mundane out and feel Her energies.

Wear hematite to ground and stabilize your being. Imagine the heavy weight of the stone anchoring you to the "here and now."

Wear morganite for love and when you wish to tap into the love inside you. Be love and give love!

Wear amber and jet for protection and connection to Earth. Many feel this combination is only appropriate for praticioners of the the Wiccan path. I say if if it feels right, then go ahead and wear it. Amber and jet have been long associated with the Earth and the Earth Goddesses. Amber and jet are not really stones, but rather fossilized coal (jet) and tree resin (amber). They are true Earth creations, ancient and old, like "true gemstones"

Now, that is just a brief list of the many qualities and properties of gemstone talismans. In addition, most of these listed properties are my intrepretations supplemented with the descriptions found in magickal gemstone books. I think it is best to get the books, learn about the history, lore, and magickal properties and then try them out for yourself. Let the stones speak to you! Connect with them and over time you will know what gemstones work best for you. You will come to develop your own interpretations. They are will become precious friends that protect you, give you peace, and a sense of connection and love. And best of all, you can wear them anywhere! A piece of Earth, a gift from the Goddess, around our necks, on our fingers, in our ears, glowing with beauty and purpose that reminds us of our path. The path of the Goddess.

My next article will address using gemstones in magick. I can't wait!

Blessed Be!

Works Cited

Cunningham, Scott. Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magic. St. Paul: Llewellyn, 1999


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