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How Enchanted Works Celebrates Earth Day

It's a terrible misnomer to call it Earth "Day." Our planet needs much more than one day per year when people think about Her and take care to implement eco-friendly procedures in their lives.

One day is just not enough. We are moving towards conservation, recycling, and general appreciation of our environment in this country (albeit slowly, and with much resistance from some with financial incentive to do otherwise). However, around the world, rain forests are still being destroyed, pollution is still being dumped into rivers, streams, oceans, and landfills, overfishing and global warming threaten the ocean life, and the ozone layer is depleting. But all is not lost. Here are some things that Enchanted Works does EVERY day in honor of the Earth

Shipping - A huge part of any Internet business necessarily involves shipping our great Wicca supplies, altar tools and gifts to our customers. We try to ensure that your Wicca products arrive to you safely, on time, and in the least wasteful way possible. If you ship anything out of your home or facility, you can use some of our techniques to help save the environment:

1. Recycle packing materials. We save the packing peanuts we receive in shipments. That's why you often get a mixture of many different kinds of packing peanuts. When we BUY peanuts, we buy biodegradable ones that will not add yet more garbage to our landfills.

2. Recycle packing boxes. If you have room to save your packing boxes for re-use, it's a lot more environmentally friendly than having to drive to wherever you would purchase a new box, purchase that box, then drive home to pack it, then back to wherever you are shipping it from. You still have to ship it, and possibly drive to the facility, but if you use a box you already have, you save at least one trip.

3. Schedule Postal pickups. Pickups from the USPS are free, and oftentimes, the postal carrier is going to come to your house or business anyway. Make sure you have your outgoing shipments available when the carrier arrives, so that another trip doesn't have to be made to the post office.

Your Personal Environment -Recycle, recycle, recycle. Check with your community or your trash company to see whether or not they will pick up materials that can be recycled. Many communities mandate recycling, but even then, people don't always work as hard as they could to ensure that every piece that can be recycled goes into those bins. Just a little more attention can go a long way.

Use natural products to take care of your yard. We shudder whenever we see a "Chem Lawn" truck in our neighborhood. There area plenty of natural materials you can use to take care of your lawn. Natural pesticides are available, or even better, natural predators like ladybugs, preying mantis, and others can be used to help take care of your trees. If it becomes absolutely necessary to use chemicals, use the mildest ones you can.

Don't subdivide. If you are fortunate enough to live on a piece of property that is large enough to be subdivided, don't! Houses being build upon houses are not good for our environment. Also, try not to take down any trees on your property.

Following as many methods as you can to try to keep our Earth safe is a fabulous thing. Not just for Earth Day, but every day. Help Enchanted Works save the planet :-)


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