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Just Pentacles is where we keep all of our pentacle and pentagram jewelry.


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Magickal Wands handmade from magickal woods

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Come see our new and interesting items!

Stones: Fluorite

Fluorite is an utterly beautiful stone that has so many lovely colors running through it, that just gazing at it for awhile elicits the fascination of how nature could make something so beautiful. Enchanted Works carries Fluorite wands and points, and may soon receive more types of Fluorite for our customers. Fluorite can come in clear, green, blue, purple, magenta, pink, yellow, or combinations of all of those.

Fluorite is a relatively soft stone, so do be careful not to chip it or scratch it. It's name comes from the Latin "fluere" or "to flow" because of its tendency to melt. It was used as flux in smelting of metal ores because of this tendency.

Fluorite is often used to help stabilize energies, to balance them, or to promote healing. A Fluorite wand can be used to direct some of this balanced and stable energies, or a Fluorite point or stone can be held in your hand or in your pocket during ritual to help you stay balanced and keep your mind clear.

Fluorite is also said to help when thinking about abstract concepts. If you are a Chaos Magician, or a Quantum Physicist, a nice block of fluorite could be quite helpful :-). It certainly can't hurt. Fluorite is also said to aid in clarity of mind, and maintaining your objectivity. Perhaps a gift of Fluorite to a favorite judge would take care of some of those rather ridiculous lawsuits we keep seeing.

Enchanted Works has some beautiful rainbow fluorite wands, rainbow fluorite points, and some very pretty green fluorite wands. We are hoping that more will come soon.


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