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Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Sweet Basil essential oil is a versitile oil made from (you guessed it) Basil, a rather hairy shrub type herb that grows up to 3 feet tall.

The basil plant is originally from Asia and the Pacific islands, but these days it is grown just about everywhere. Basil is said to have protective qualities, and is used in both Indian and Chinese healing.

Basil has a rather interesting history. In Italy, many feel that Basil is a sign of romance and love. Some in Greece use it on altars and in holy water. Some cultures put basil in the hands of the dead to assure a safe journey.

As with all essential oils, care must be taken in your handling of the highly concentrated liquid. Basil should not be used for children under 16, or for pregnant or nursing women. It can also irritate sensitive skin.

Although some may use basil oil internally, that is not what we sell it for. Wonderful external uses of basil oil include vapor therapy, where you mix a drop with a few drops of water in an oil diffuser. When used that way, basil essential oil is said to be useful for migraines, general headaches, and is also said to assist with concentration.

You can also use essential oils in a nice warm bath. Basil oil is said to relax tense muscles, as well as ease menstrual cramps.

Basil oil can also be used as a massage oil AFTER it's mixed with a carrier oil. Don't put it directly on your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Recent studies suggest that basil essential oil is also useful as an antifungal.

Other interesting uses of sweet basil essential oil include insect repellent, or one drop on a bee sting.

Enchanted Works sells sweet basil essential oil as well as other essential oils at this handy link


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