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What Are 'Non Fluffy' Books?

As you read through Enchanted Works, you will often see the phrase "non fluffy," for example, when we mention our "non fluffy books." But what does "non fluffy" mean? Is it a nasty putdown? Well, not exactly. Let's try to explain

"Fluff Bunny" is a term often given to Wiccans or Pagans who are, for want of a better phrase, "cluelessly naive." They are the ones you will find who speak of the Rede meaning never do any harm to anyone or anything, anywhere, anytime (impossible to survive on this planet that way, but that's the subject of a different article). These are the people who are similar to those on the AOL commercial who say that blocking a computer virus is "mean."

Basically, a "Fluffy" Wiccan, in Kestra's humble opinion, is one who believes without investigation. If someone says "The Goddess is a purple cabbage living in a cave in New Jersey" the Fluffy will avoid eating purple cabbage for the rest of his life. If someone says "Killing a mosquito is against the Rede" the Fluffy will catch malaria rather than kill a mosquito biting her.

So what is a "fluffy book?" A book is fluffy if it is poorly researched, and espouses "facts" with no basis. A fluffy book is one, for example, that would claim something like 6 million Wiccans were killed during the "Burning Times." Since Wicca is a new religion, that is a claim made without substance and without research into the facts.

Further examples of fluffy books include those that advocate use of magick or Witchcraft to solve problems better dealt with using mundane means (such as getting a job, asking someone out on a date, or studying harder for your exams). Dollars to donuts any book that shows you how to do "love spells" would be fluffy, in Kestra's opinion anyway.

So what is a "non fluffy" book? While very few books map 100% to your personal belief system, a "non fluffy" one gives reasoning for its statements. It includes common sense approaches for achieving the goals that the book is written for. "Non fluffy" books are historically accurate, and do not treat the reader as a child who needs to be taken by the hand and led through the author's idea of the "truth." And a non fluffy book does not call those who do not agree with its premise "ignorant" or in need of further education

In our Enchanted Works non fluffy book section we have some of the books that Kestra likes best. However, not ALL of her favorite books are there. At least two very special books that we can't get hold of yet are missing. They are All One Wicca, and Wicca 333: Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief. Both of these books are written by Kestra's Mentor, Kat MacMorgan. These books are about as "non fluffy" as you can GET. And you can get them from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many of the other usual suspects. We hope to be able to carry these books very soon.

The point in explaining what we mean by "fluffy" and "non fluffy" is not meant as a put down to anyone. It is simply meant to specify one person's opinion, which you are free to ignore or embrace, as you see fit.



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