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Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble. Handmade Products On the Double.


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Don't you deserve a great ritual tea? Black, green and herbal ritual teas.


Magickal Wands handmade from magickal woods

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So How are Enchanted Works Ritual Teas Made?

There are as many varieties of tea produced around the world, as there are varieties of wine or beer. With all of those variations, and all of those different types of ritual tea to choose from, how can you be sure that you've chosen the correct tea for you?

That's actually pretty easy. All of the Enchanted Works line of ritual teas is created with care from the Camellia Sinensis plant of Southeast Asia. The only difference between black and green teas occurs in the processing. Green tea leaves are dried immediately after picking. Black tea leaves are partially dried, then a full oxidation process begins. A tea's individual characteristics are created by the oxidation vs. drying process, combined with the local conditions where the tea was grown.

Black Tea:

Enchanted Works Black Ritual Teas are full flavored, and can range from either flowery tasting, to fruity, nutty and spicy. Black teas have about a third less caffeine than a comparable cup of coffee, so they will give you the wake up you might need to help you ground, but will be gentle about doing it. They make wonderful morning teas, comforting afternoon teas, and can even be enjoyed at night. You can always steep them a little less to get even less caffeine into your cup. Enchanted Works Ritual Black Teas include Earl Grey Cream, Chai Spice, and Yunnan Gold.

Green Tea:

Enchanted Works Green Ritual Teas are produced mainly in China and Japan. Green teas are milder and more delicate in flavor than black teas, and they are rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants. Green Tea is well known for its health benefits. Green ritual teas are also famous for having 2/3 less caffeine than a comparable cup of coffee, making them the perfect tea for rituals where you don't want that "extra caffeine boost." Enchanted Works Green Ritual teas include Dragon's Well, Green Chai, and our award winning fabulous tasting Jasmine Pearl

Herbal and Fruit Tea:

Herbal and Fruit Ritual Teas are made from flowers, seeds, bark and the fruit of various plants, depending on what type of tea you choose. These products contain NO Camellia Sinensis so they are naturally caffeine free. They taste wonderful hot and cold, they are suitable for any time of the day, and they are perfect for both young people as well as old. Anyone who doesn't want caffeine but wants a fabulous cup of ritual tea can be very happy with Enchanted Works Ritual Herbal and Fruit Tea. These teas include Calming Chamomile, Peace-Of-Mind, and Pick-Me-Up.


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