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Stones: Sugilite

This beautiful but expensive stone is our personal favorite. The first known appearance of this mineral was in the Iwagi Islet in Southwestern Japan in 1944. A man named Kenichi Sugi (for whom the stone was later named) found it there.

In 1975, a large pocket of Sugilite was found in Africa. This pocket was not mined until 1979, when about 10,000 pounds of it were taken. Very little has been found since.

Sugilite is an opaque stone with a waxy luster, and ranges in color from a deep dark purple to a greyish lavender color. It often contains blackish veins, or even reddish brown or yellow. The bright purple stones with few veins are the most valued.

Sugilite is said to be an activator of the third eye, opening connections between the mind and the body. It is said to strengthen the heart, aid physical healing, reduce stress, and balance the emotions. Since its discovery was so recent, it is also known as the "New Age" stone.

Enchanted Works offers Sugilite as part of our hand beaded necklaces. Please feel free to have a look.


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