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What Color Ritual Candle Should I Choose?

Enchanted Works and other vendors offer so many different kinds of ritual candles, different sizes, different types, and different colors, that sometimes it gets really confusing about which kind of ritual candle is right for you. Does it really matter? Do the Gods fail to listen to you if you use the wrong color or shape of Wiccan ritual candle?

As with all other ritual tools and altar supplies, they are used in order to help you focus your energies and your intent. So what is YOUR best way of focusing? For some people, it is researching what colors of ritual candles have historically been used for what types of Wiccan rituals. Many people, especially beginners to Wicca, feel most comfortable by using the same "tried and true" colors and types of ritual candles. This comfort can often translate into better focus.

Now, of course, if a specific color means something special to you, and it is not the "standard" color that you read about here, or in a Candle Magick book, that's ok. Strong personal feelings are definitely one way to help you channel and focus. You may even have strong feelings about not using any colored candles at all, and sticking to black or white. That's ok too. Your focus is not the same as my focus, and what works for you may not work for me. If you want strict rules for rituals, try Ceremonial Magick. Wicca is a lot more relaxed :-)

So, anyway, what are our color correspondances for our ritual candles? I'm glad you asked.

White: White ritual candles are your typical "all purpose" candles that you can use in place of just about any other candle. White candles are also often used to signify the Virgin Goddess, so if you wish to use Her energies, white ritual candles are always a good choice. White is for purity, for cleansing, and for good clean fun :-)

Black: Black ritual candles can be used to signify the Crone Goddess. All energies associated with the Crone are appropriate for use with a black candle. When dealing with banishing, repelling, or otherwise pushing something away from you, black ritual candles are also appropriate.

Red: Red ritual candles signify the Mother Goddess. Kestra generally always burns three candles for each ritual, PLUS another color if applicable. White for the Maiden, Red for the Mother, and Black for the Crone. Red is used by some to signify love, will, strength, and sex.

Silver: Silver ritual candles are sometimes used in place of the white, red and black Triple Goddess candles. They can be used to signify "the Goddess" as a generic Deity, or if you wish to involve one particular Goddess with your working. Silver is said to help develop psychic abilities, and mediation of disputes.

Gold: Gold ritual candles are sometimes used to signify "the God." Gold is said to aid with anything that utilizes solar energy, or understanding.

Purple: Kestra loves purple. Purple ritual candles can be used to win legal battles (yeah, how do you think Kestra wins all those cases? :-)). Purple is good for wisdom, for power, and for general success. Purple ritual candles signify royalty, which is perfect for Kestra, since she's a Princess.

Lavender: lavender is not just another pretty color. Lavender ritual candles are used in cases where you desire intuition, to spiritually shield, or to provide yourself or another with dignity.

Blue: Blue ritual candles are often used to promote general inner calm and tranquility. Blue can used anytime you wish to send someone gentle calm energies, or it can be used in conjunction with any other type of candle.

Light Blue: Communication, inspiration and peace are all associated with light blue ritual candles.

Brown: Brown ritual candles signify the earth, help with concentration, and help you to make decisions. Brown ritual candles can also be used in conjunction with any other ritual candle colors. It is also said that using a brown ritual candle will help you to find objects that have been lost.

Green: In general, green ritual candles are associated with healing, prosperity, money, and success.

Dark Green: Dark green ritual candles are used to counteract "too much green." In other words, greed, jealousy and too much ambition. Useful to draw these things away from you.

Yellow: Yellow ritual candles stand for creativity, concentration and imagination. They can also be used to attract solar energies. Some use them for clairvoyance and communication.

Orange: Most people associate orange ritual candles with Samhain. However, they can also be used at other times of the year. They generally signify success, strength, and joy.

Grey: Neutral grey makes a great ritual candle for pondering important complicated issues during meditation. It can also be used to help neutralize negative influences in your life.

You may have noticed that many "aspects" listed by each color of ritual candle are duplicates. For example, you can use brown or yellow for concentration. This is by design. Wiccan rituals have always been built around what people have had around their houses, or could easily make. And, as stated before, your milage may vary. Use what YOU think is right. These suggestions are just that, suggestions.

Many Blessings


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