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Natural Means Safe?

A movement towards natural remedies, holistic healing, naturopathy, etc. has been growing over recent years. However, an important point has been missed through all the hoopla. Natural is not always "better."

Here at Enchanted Works, we sell all manner of herbs and oils, some of which can be used for medicinal purposes. So, if you wish to purchase herbs for their magickal properties, to use to burn, to put in a poppet, to make a sachet, to put in a ritual bath, or sprinkle to cleanse your space, have a marvelous time doing it. Herbs and oils can definitely be used for these purposes without much fear of harming yourself or others. Of course, you should be careful that anyone sensitive to smoke is out of the way before you burn any herb or oil, and check for allergies, but under most circumstances you're going to be fine.

On the other hand, if you choose to use herbs or oils in ANY medicinal manner, for example, putting oils into a lotion or cream, making a tincture or tea, or otherwise using the herbs or oils inside or outside of your body, you'd better know what you're doing. Not all plants are harmless. Remember, hemlock is natural. Poison ivy is natural. Some of the herbs and oils that we sell at Enchanted Works CAN kill you.

If you decide to use anything that we sell, inside or outside of your body, you are on your own. There is a reason we don't tell you what herbs are used for what purpose. Enchanted Works will not be responsible for anything that happens, good or bad, from your internal or external use of our products. We expressly disclaim the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and the warranty of merchantability.

Just as you would not walk into a pharmacy, buy a few random bottles of prescription medication, and take them without knowing what they are, the same precautions should be taken with herbs. Just because they are not regulated by the State, as prescription drugs are, does NOT mean they are safe.

We are not saying "don't buy our herbs or oils." That isn't the point at all. The point is, know what you are doing. Know what you wish to achieve. Know the actions, interactions, effects, chemical breakdowns, dosage information, etc. of the component you wish to use.

If you are really interested in therapeutic uses of herbs, there are many wonderful resources out there that you can learn from. Merely going through Google and looking up the herb name is definitely not enough. Take the time to study, or go to a certified herbologist for help. Kestra is a certified Master Herbalist , board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She MAY, at some point, offer herbal consultations online under certain circumstances. Maybe even some herbal formulations that are nutritional supplements. However, even a Master Herbalist is not allowed to diagnose medical conditions or to prescribe herbs or other substances for your use. Those activities are restricted to licensed physicians.

Be sure of what you are looking for BEFORE you buy from us. We don't take returns on herbs or essential oils, as it is impossible to resell them, and they must be discarded.

Just remember - be careful out there.


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