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Altar Tools

Wiccan Altar Tools and other Ritual Supplies for your best workings

Beaded Jewelry

Hand beaded magickal gemstone necklaces by Kestra

Books and Stuff

Decidedly Non Fluffy Books for Wiccans and Pagans


Scented and Unscented Ritual Candles Wiccan

Cards and Stuff

Wiccan greeting cards and BOS inserts.

Essential Oils

Magickal Essential Oils

From Kestra's Kauldron

Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble. Handmade Products On the Double.


Magickal ritual herbs, organic and/or wildcrafted herbs, and supplies.


Stick, cone and powdered Wiccan incense. Shoyeido Traditional Japanese Incense and supplies

Jewelry - Misc

All Jewelry That Isn't Pendants Or Beaded Jewelry. Earrings, Bracelets and More

Jewelry - Pendants

Gold, Silver and Pewter Wiccan and Pagan Magickal Jewelry Pendants.

Just Pentacles

Just Pentacles is where we keep all of our pentacle and pentagram jewelry.


Misc. cool stuff including altar boxes and oil diffusers


All kinds of divination, including hand beaded genuine gemstone pendulums.


Quality Wiccan and Pagan Statuary of various kinds


Loose stones, clusters, points, and other magickal stones


Don't you deserve a great ritual tea? Black, green and herbal ritual teas.


Magickal Wands handmade from magickal woods

New Items

Come see our new and interesting items!

Magickal Woods

There are many different types of woods that are said to have magickal properties. As with all things, there are differences of opinion when it comes to which wood is right for which applications (or witch applications :-)). Below I will list my own experiences with different woods, and why I like each one.

Ebony - Ebony is by far my favorite wood. I absolutely love the blackness of the wood, its heaviness, and its energy. Ebony has been an amplifier for me. It is sad that the wood is SO expensive, and SO hard to find. I feel blessed that we purchased a beautiful ebony hand carved totem from the artist who created it in the Solomon Islands. It is carved into shapes from the sea that are beautifully created. It's one of the most magickal pieces I have.

Yew - Yew is a very interesting and paradoxical wood. It is absolutely beautiful, being smooth and gold colored, with great grain. It's been associated with death, rebirth, magick and runes. This beautiful tree and its wood are sacred to Hecate, and is a very appropriate wood to use in any workings regarding Her.

Willow - What can one say about Willow? It is a wood for moon magick, promotes psychic energy, and sacred to the Crone. This tree loves water, and tools made from it can help make wishes come true.

Bloodwood - Bloodwood is a really cool wood, being dark and lovely. Bloodwood represents life, and is said to aid in healing. Some believe that bloodwood can reveal secrets of ancient worlds, as well as help you to accept the understanding of this knowledge. Bloodwood is a very powerful wood.

Purpleheart - Kestra has always loved purple, and purpleheart is an utterly marvelous wood that has interesting energies and magickal properties that seem to be a bit different for each person who touches it. Unlike some who believe that you shouldn't allow others to touch their ritual materials, Kestra feels that if you can't cleanse your own tools of anyone else's energies, perhaps you should learn how before you try to do workings with them. Everyone who has touched Kestra's purpleheart wand reports feeling a different type of energy, so you will just have to buy one of your very own :-)

Cherry - The office furniture at Enchanted Works is made of cherry. Cherry encompasses energy of desire and true will. It can amplify your intent to create magick, and aids with spells of renewal and attraction. It is also very good for finding spells. Kestra sometimes uses it to attempt to find where she lost her mind. Thusfar, she has not been successful :-)

Alder - Alder helps you create oracular energies. It is the tree of fire, and the wood of the witches. Alder also indicates protection.

Oak - Sacred to the druids, Oak is a masculine wood, ideal for use in tools that are to be used to invoke the God. Oak stands for wisdom, authority, endurance, strength and protection. Oak's power is often used to amplify power, intent, and endurance of all spells it is used with.

Ash - Ash is a wood of balance, including both the Elements of Earth and of Water. Tools made of Ash are well suited to water or sea spells, divination, prophecy, or oracular functions. Ash is said to be the father of trees, and is said to contain special guardian spirits that can absorb sickness.


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