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Wiccan Altar Tools and other Ritual Supplies for your best workings

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Hand beaded magickal gemstone necklaces by Kestra

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Decidedly Non Fluffy Books for Wiccans and Pagans


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Wiccan greeting cards and BOS inserts.

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Magickal Essential Oils

From Kestra's Kauldron

Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble. Handmade Products On the Double.


Magickal ritual herbs, organic and/or wildcrafted herbs, and supplies.


Stick, cone and powdered Wiccan incense. Shoyeido Traditional Japanese Incense and supplies

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All Jewelry That Isn't Pendants Or Beaded Jewelry. Earrings, Bracelets and More

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Just Pentacles is where we keep all of our pentacle and pentagram jewelry.


Misc. cool stuff including altar boxes and oil diffusers


All kinds of divination, including hand beaded genuine gemstone pendulums.


Quality Wiccan and Pagan Statuary of various kinds


Loose stones, clusters, points, and other magickal stones


Don't you deserve a great ritual tea? Black, green and herbal ritual teas.


Magickal Wands handmade from magickal woods

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Herbs, Oils, and Mice, Oh MY!

Ok, we're not really going to talk about mice, just about herbs and essential oils. Both herbs and oils have many things in common. For example, they are both made from plant materials. Gee, aren't you glad you read this to tell you that? :-)

Anyway, Enchanted Works offers many different types of herbs and oils. Wherever possible, we ensure that what we sell is labelled appropriately on our website. Examples of terms we use are the following:

Organic: When we mark an herb or oil as "organic" it is certified as such by the appropriate state authority. Lots of people call their products "organic" but ask whether or not they are certified organic.

Wildcrafted: These are herbs havested from the wild. Ask whether or not these wildcrafted herbs have been ethically collected. If the herbs are on the "at risk" list from the United Plant Savers, AND they are listed as "wildcrafted" think twice before purchase. "At risk" plants should be cultivated specifically and not taken from the wild.

There are other questions to ask about your herbs and the oils made from them. Find out whether or not they were sprayed with ethylene oxide or other chemicals. Find out if they were irradiated. Make sure no pesticides or herbacides were used besides natural ones.

You may find that herbs and oils that meet all of these standards costs a bit more than herbs that don't. However, sometimes it costs a bit more to get the best product and to protect the Earth. Its worth it.


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