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Stones: Hematite

Hematite is often known as the "seer stone" and it is said that gazing into it can show you possible futures. Shiny black, reminiscent of metal rather than stone, hematite is a stone of tranquility and clarity.

The name hematite comes from the Greek "haima" meaning blood because of its color when powdered.

Hematite has been used in amulets, as talismen, and as an inscription stone for passages from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Hematite is said to strengthen the circulatory system and treat blood and kidney disorders.

Wiccans often use hematite for grounding before and after rituals. It has been said that hematite also is a helpful stone in legal matters, however, throwing it at the judge if you lose your case is not recommended. Hematite points are often used for these purposes, sometimes by holding one in each hand. Merely by coincidence (uh huh), Enchanted Works offers hematite points and other gemstone points at this handy link

Hematite is also said to boost self-esteem and calm emotions. This makes sense for a grounding stone.

Enchanted Works uses hematite in both hand beaded necklaces as well as in pendulums.


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