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About Wiccan Cauldrons

Cauldrons are an integral part of Wiccan and Pagan rituals. To many Witches, the cauldron is an indispensable item in the ritual repetoire.

Enchanted Works sells two basic types of Wiccan cauldrons - cast iron, and pottery types. Both of these types can be used for various and sundry things, and I'm absolutely certain that as many as I try to list for you, you'll come up with many more.

Enchanted Works is proud to offer pre-seasoned cast iron Wiccan cauldrons that are food quality. These are not your average imported cauldrons that chip or flake. Our pre-seasoned cast iron Wiccan cauldrons will last through many years of ritual.

Many people purchase the "mini cauldrons" as pillar candle holders. They make wonderful candle holders. However, that's not Kestra's main use for Wiccan cauldrons. Kestra uses them to mix herbs and incense, and to burn incense with charcoal tablets.

For either the cast iron Wiccan cauldrons or the pottery ones, you can use sand, ash, or other protectors at the bottom of the cauldron to put your charcoal onto. If you use a pottery Wiccan cauldron, the ash or sand is an absolute must so the heat doesn't crack your lovely cauldron. If you are interested in more "advanced" usage, such as the Japanese Incense Ceremony, that is beyond the scope of this short article. However, we hope to have information on that very soon now.

In general, one purchases quick lighting charcoal tablets (gee, some are available right here at this handy link) and places it on top of your sand, ash or other inflammable materials. In a cast iron Wiccan cauldron, you CAN just place the charcoal tablet inside if you choose. Then, preferably with some LONG matches (which you can get at THIS also handy link) or a long enough fire maker of your choice, light the charcoal tablet. Sometimes this takes a bit of time. The salt peter in the charcoal should make it kinda sparkle as it is heating. Then wait a little bit (a few minutes should work) and place your powdered or resin incense on top of that.

Very soon, your room will be full of lovely scents. We recommend very CAREFUL disposal of your charcoal tablets when you are finished.

Cast Iron Wiccan Cauldrons can also be used for general cooking (in fact, some buy very HUGE cauldrons and set them up over outdoor fires with magickal soups, or other concoctions, including herbal teas and other mixtures). Enchanted Works offers several sizes and types. If you decide to cook in your Wiccan cauldron, be certain to choose the pre-seasoned type. Then do NOT use dish soap on it to clean it out afterwards. Best to put in water and boil the water off.


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