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Stones: Amethyst

Many Wiccans and Pagans the world over love amethyst for its beauty, as well as for its healing properties. Enchanted Works offers high quality amethyst in our gemstone pendulums, our hand beaded pendulums, and our Kestra's Kreations hand beaded jewelry.

A beautiful purple stone, the quality of which can be generally seen by how deep the violet color, amethysts have traditionally been a gemstone that is associated with sobriety.

Lore says that when the maiden Amethyst was turned into crystal to protect her from Bacchus' tiger, the Greek god of wine was so contrite that he wept tears of wine over her frozen form, giving Amethyst quartz its lovely color. Many priests over the ages wore Amethyst as a showing of their religious power. Doctors sometimes wore an amethyst for the soothing power it gave to their patients.

Likely due to its connection with Bacchus, the Greeks believed that Amethyst could relieve drunkenness. It is sometimes called the "addicts stone" today because it is said to lessen problems with bad habits and addictions.

The Amethyst promotes spiritaul awareness, assists with dreaming, wards away nightmares, and assists with intuition. The Amethyst is February's birthstone, and a suggested gift for sixth wedding anniversaries.

Wearing or carrying an Amethyst stone is said to help increase and sharpen mental powers. It would likely be good to help with those pesky tests in school. It is also used to promote peaceful sleep, warding off insomnia.

Please make sure to check our offerings of amethyst as well as other Wiccan supplies at Enchanted Works

We have also launched a brand new section of stones, featuring tumbled stones as well as clusters and points. Please check them out.


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