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Altar Tools

Wiccan Altar Tools and other Ritual Supplies for your best workings

Beaded Jewelry

Hand beaded magickal gemstone necklaces by Kestra

Books and Stuff

Decidedly Non Fluffy Books for Wiccans and Pagans


Scented and Unscented Ritual Candles Wiccan

Cards and Stuff

Wiccan greeting cards and BOS inserts.

Essential Oils

Magickal Essential Oils

From Kestra's Kauldron

Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble. Handmade Products On the Double.


Magickal ritual herbs, organic and/or wildcrafted herbs, and supplies.


Stick, cone and powdered Wiccan incense. Shoyeido Traditional Japanese Incense and supplies

Jewelry - Misc

All Jewelry That Isn't Pendants Or Beaded Jewelry. Earrings, Bracelets and More

Jewelry - Pendants

Gold, Silver and Pewter Wiccan and Pagan Magickal Jewelry Pendants.

Just Pentacles

Just Pentacles is where we keep all of our pentacle and pentagram jewelry.


Misc. cool stuff including altar boxes and oil diffusers


All kinds of divination, including hand beaded genuine gemstone pendulums.


Quality Wiccan and Pagan Statuary of various kinds


Loose stones, clusters, points, and other magickal stones


Don't you deserve a great ritual tea? Black, green and herbal ritual teas.


Magickal Wands handmade from magickal woods

New Items

Come see our new and interesting items!

 picture Altar Tools

We are receiving shipments of altar tools and Wiccan ritual supplies daily, so please check back often. You can buy the same old altar tool that everyone else has, likely imported from one of those countries that makes thousands upon thousands of identical altar tools that are about as personalized as a penny. Or, you can spend a little more and have a beautiful altar tool hand made by an artisan.

Our stoneware pottery Wiccan chalices and many of our other goods are hand crafted by exacting artisans. They are truly exquisite chalices and deserve an honored place on your altar. Because they are so carefully created, we ask that you please double and triple check the delivery times estimated below the prices on the item's page.

Our Wiccan athames are high quality (you can read about them in our Wiccan Athames article ), most of our Wiccan cauldrons are food quality, most of our Wiccan wands are hand made, and all of our tools are examined by Kestra for proper use.

Kestra has written an article on Wiccan altar tools that you can find right here. It will tell you all about altar tools and Wicca supplies.

If you need help setting up your altar, read How to Set Up Your Altar . You can read another article on Wiccan supplies vs. Witchcraft supplies at Wicca Supplies vs. Witchcraft Supplies.

%serket thumbnail picture



Black Pentacle Altar Cloth thumbnail picture

Black Pentacle Altar Cloth


LARGE Altar Cloth thumbnail picture

LARGE Altar Cloth


Pentacle LONG Altar Cloth thumbnail picture

Pentacle LONG Altar Cloth


Purple Wiccan Altar Cloth thumbnail picture

Purple Wiccan Altar Cloth


Triple Moon Altar Cloth thumbnail picture

Triple Moon Altar Cloth


Triquetra Altar Cloth thumbnail picture

Triquetra Altar Cloth


Egyptian Athame - Silver thumbnail picture

Egyptian Athame - Silver


Fancy Kris Dagger thumbnail picture

Fancy Kris Dagger


Plain Athame thumbnail picture

Plain Athame


Ritual Athame thumbnail picture

Ritual Athame


Scottish Dirk Athame thumbnail picture

Scottish Dirk Athame


Shadow Scapes Ritual Athame thumbnail picture

Shadow Scapes Ritual Athame


Triquetra Athame thumbnail picture

Triquetra Athame


Woodland Enchanted Athame thumbnail picture

Woodland Enchanted Athame


Altar Bell - Brass thumbnail picture

Altar Bell - Brass


Earthen Cast Pentacle Bowl thumbnail picture

Earthen Cast Pentacle Bowl


Pentacle Offering Bowl thumbnail picture

Pentacle Offering Bowl


Soapstone Offering Bowl thumbnail picture

Soapstone Offering Bowl


Cast Iron Cauldron - 3 inch thumbnail picture

Cast Iron Cauldron - 3 inch


Half Pint Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cauldron thumbnail picture

Half Pint Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cauldron


Huge Star Wiccan Cauldron thumbnail picture

Huge Star Wiccan Cauldron


Hugest Cauldron thumbnail picture

Hugest Cauldron


Mini Cauldron with Pentacle thumbnail picture

Mini Cauldron with Pentacle


Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cauldron thumbnail picture

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cauldron


Stoneware Cauldron thumbnail picture

Stoneware Cauldron


Dome Top Pentacle Chalice thumbnail picture

Dome Top Pentacle Chalice


Large Triquetra Chalice thumbnail picture

Large Triquetra Chalice


Moonlight Goddess Chalice thumbnail picture

Moonlight Goddess Chalice


Pentacle Chalice thumbnail picture

Pentacle Chalice


Pentacle Cobalt Chalice thumbnail picture

Pentacle Cobalt Chalice


Pentacle Goblet Chalice thumbnail picture

Pentacle Goblet Chalice


Shadow Pentacle Chalice thumbnail picture

Shadow Pentacle Chalice


Silver Chalice thumbnail picture

Silver Chalice


Simple Brass Chalice thumbnail picture

Simple Brass Chalice


Triple Moon Chalice thumbnail picture

Triple Moon Chalice


Triquetra Chalice thumbnail picture

Triquetra Chalice



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