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Star Goddess picture

Star Goddess

Star Goddess -- Priestess of the Cosmos and Bringer of Abundance.

Deep within us, we all have the power to call upon the unlimited abundance of the Universe. With upraised arms, the Star Goddess both praises and commands the forces of the Universe through Her reverence, essence and skill. The stars on Her skirt echo the star stuff from which our bodies are made. The atoms in your body were once part of a star, you were born to shine. All life on Earth descends from the stars, and in our connection to them, we realize our divine essence.

Living with the Star Goddess is a constant reminder of your own unlimited power to create abundance in all areas of your life. Place Her on your altar, or in a place you will see Her often. Her mantra is "I am Star Shine, Abundance is Limitless" (Sculpted by Abby Willowroot copyright 2003)

7.5" Resin statue, white antique stone finish


1 In Stock

This Item not available for purchase at this time.

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